Additional wiring, extra radiator fan 9-5 2,0/2,3


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2. 2 51 02 074 6DDE 1 Disconnect the battery cables and remove the battery. 2 Undo the two nuts securing the main relay and fuse board in the engine bay. 3 Detach the holder for the relay and fuse board cable from the battery tray.

5. 51 02 074 5 6DDE :LULQJGLDJUDP The more prominent lines in the illustration indicate the cables in the additional wiring. M 37RH GN BK (342b:8) (342b:12) 85 87 86 396 4 1 30 25 GN/WH 342a RD 14 RD RD 6 H43-1 GN/WH 1 2 BN/WH 86 85 87A 87 30 81 3 51 628 5 +30 E930A046 37RH 81 342a 396 628 H43-1 Motor, right- hand radiator fan Relay, 2- speed radiator fan, high-speed Main fuse board, engine bay Relay, high- speed, right- hand radiator fan DICE control module White connector on connector bracket under left- hand A-pillar

3. 51 02 074 3 6DDE 4 Remove the data link connector and detach the lower left-hand dashboard panel. 5 Remove the left-hand rocker panel moulding (sill tread plate) and fold back the floor mat to reveal the connector bracket. 6 Undo the bracket for the three connectors and put it to one side. 7 /+' Cut the cable tie and remove the tape on the rubber grommet for the top left wiring harness in the bulkhead. 5+' Cut the cable tie and remove the tape on the rubber grommet for the wiring harness in the bulkhead. 8 Insert a steel wire or similar object through the rubber grommet into the engine bay. Fasten the green-white cable in the additional wiring harness to the steel wire with tape so the cable terminal is not damaged. Pull the cable into the passenger compartment until the white mark on the cable is visible inside the rubber grommet. 9 Unplug the white connector. 10 Insert a small screwdriver between the connector bracket and the male connector from below. Carefully prise out the six snap fasteners (three on each side) on the male connector while pulling it out. 11 Pull out the yellow lock clasp and insert the pin on the green-white cable into position 14. 12 Push in the lock clasp. Refit the male connector on the connector bracket. There will be a click when it is correctly fitted. 13 Plug in the female connector and fit the connector bracket. 14 Secure the green-white cable with cable ties to the wiring harness from the bracket to the rubber grommet. Seal the rubber grommet with a cable tie and tape. 15 Put back the floor mat and rocker panel moulding (sill tread plate). 16 Fit the lower dashboard panel and data link connector. E930A044 4 4 6 11 10 5 PIN 14

1. 6DDE 900 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault 0217(5,1*6$19,61,1* ¬ ,167$//$7,21,16758&7,216 0217$*($1/(,781* ¬ ,167$//$7,216'(0217$*( SITdefault 6DDE $GGLWLRQDOZLULQJH[WUDUDGLDWRUIDQ 1 Wiring harness 2 Terminal 3 Fuse, 30 A 4 Relay 5 Cable ties (5 pcs.) ,QWURGXFWLRQ Additional wiring for an extra radiator fan has been developed for cars being retrofitted with A/C and which do not have this wiring harness fitted as standard. Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces   )HE  - E930A043 1 4 5 3 2

4. 4 51 02 074 6DDE 17 Secure the green-white cable to the wiring har- ness to the relay and fuse board in the engine bay. 18 Release the relay plate snap fasteners, lift up the relay and fuse holder and turn it over. 19 Connect the cables to the relay holder, position FR12 (high speed, right-hand fan) as illustrated. • red double cable to pin 1 • red single cable to pin 4 • green-white cable to pin 5. 20 Remove the cable on the SRVLWLYHVLGH of the fuse holder for fuse 5 (front fog lights). (Use special tool 85 80 151.) Cut off the cable terminal and strip the cable. Connect this cable together with the red cable (without terminal) in the additional wiring. Use the cable terminal in the kit. Connect the cable terminal to the SRVLWLYHVLGH of fuse 5 (front fog lights). 21 Connect the other end of the cable to the SRVL WLYHVLGH of the fuse holder for fuse 6 (2-speed radiator fan). 22 Connect the remaining red cable on the addi- tional wiring to the fuse holder for fuse 6 (2- speed radiator fan). 23 Refit the relay plate and the relay and fuse boards. Be careful with the cable in the grommet. 24 Fit the relay from the kit in position FR12. 25 Fit the 30 A fuse from the kit in position 6. 26 Refit fuse 5 (front fog lights). 27 Screw on the holder for the wiring harness to the relay and fuse board. 28 Fit the battery and connect the cables. 29 Set the clock. + + E930A045 FUSE 6 FUSE 5 FR12 (396) FR12 17 1 45 3 2


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