Engine block heater 9-3 D223L


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2. 2 12 788 902 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 1 Heating element 2 Extension cable 3 Connector plug and connector cable 4 Holder 5 Screw (x2) 6 Locking clip 7 Cable tie (x5) 8Screw 9Star washer F920A024 2 6 1 4 3 7 5 8 9

3. 12 788 902 3 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 1 Raise the car and remove the spoiler shield. 2 Unplug the bumper connector and remove it from the holder on the spoiler shield. Cars with headlamp washers: Unhook the hose from the spoiler shield. 3 Place a receptacle under the engine, fit a hose to the radiator drain nipple, open the radiator drain plug and drain the coolant. 4 Lower the car. F920A025 3 2 1 1 1 2

1. Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 D223L M03- Engine block heater Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 787 165 9:87-35 Mar 04 12 788 902 12 788 902 Sep 02 F920A042

4. 4 12 788 902 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 5 Remove the expansion tank cap. 6 Remove the engine cover and battery cover. 7 Remove the coolant connection from the engine block and the coolant hose from the coolant connection. Clean the sealing surfaces on the engine block. 8 Apply non-acidic Vaseline, part no. 30 06 665, or equivalent to the engine block heater O-ring. 9 Adjust the T-shaped support on the engine block heater so that it is located vertically, position the heater in the cylinder block and fit it. Tightening torque 10 Nm (7.5 lbf ft) 10 Connect the coolant hose to the engine block heater. 11 Raise the car. 12 Close the radiator drain plug and remove the hose. Important The coolant hose connection must be parallel to the bottom edge of the cylinder head. F920A026 6 5 10 9 7 7 7

6. 6 12 788 902 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 20 Run the connecting cable to the left of the radia- tor and secure the cable to the upper left radiator mounting with a cable tie. 21 Run the connecting cable over the radiator vent hose, down along the power steering hose and back towards the engine block heater. Bend the cable towards the heater. 22 Apply non-acidic Vaseline, part no. 30 15 286, or equivalent on the connecting cable O-ring and connect the cable to the engine block heater. 23 Fit the lock clip over the connection. A click should be heard when the lock clip is fitted correctly. 24 Secure the connecting cable with cable ties. Bend the cable in an even curve so that it can take up any engine movement. 25 Fill with coolant, fit the cover on the expansion tank and check system integrity. Fit the engine cover and battery cover. 26 Bleed the cooling system in the following way: Fill the cooling system to MAX. Close the cap on the expansion tank, start the engine and run it warm at varying engine speeds. Make sure there is a continuous flow of coolant from the hose leading from the thermostat hous- ing to the expansion tank. Run the engine until the thermostat opens. Carefully open the cap on the expansion tank and top up to MAX. Close the cap. Turn off the engine and top up as necessary to MAX. Turn off the engine, open the cap to the expan- sion tank carefully and top up to MAX. Close the cap. 27 Raise the car. WARNING It is essential to lubricate the connecting cable O-ring before it is connected and that all connec- tions are pressed in properly. A bad contact can cause overheating and fire. F920A028 20 25 24 23 Note The A/C or ACC should be turned OFF.

7. 12 788 902 7 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 28 Place any excess connecting cable between the charge air hose and the plastic shield. Secure with a cable tie. 29 Lift up the spoiler shield, fit the bumper connector into the holder and plug in the connector. Cars with headlamp washers: Hook the hose onto the spoiler shield. All: Fit the spoiler shield. 30 Lower the car. 31 Cars with headlamp washers: Check the operation of the headlamp washers. F920A029 29 29 29

5. 12 788 902 5 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 13 Lower the car to a suitable working height and run the connecting cable through the bottom grille, between the pipes and between the radi- ator assembly and its left-hand bracket. 14 Mark out where the connecting plug holder is to be located, the arrow on the holder must be pointing forward, by placing the holder under- neath the bumper with its front edge in line with the line in the bumper shell and in the centre of the opening. Make a hole with an awl. 15 Place the connector plug in the holder. The cover should open upward. Mount the holder on the bumper. 16 M03-04: Using a 3.5 mm bit, drill a hole in the structural member for the ground cable. M05-: Detach the connector located on the struc- tural member. Using a 3.5 mm bit, drill a hole in the structural member for the ground cable. 17 Scrape away the paint to make a good ground connection and secure the ground cable using the screw and lock washer (the lock washer should be placed between the ground cable terminal and the body). Apply thin anti-corrosion protection, part no. 30 15 971. 18 Run the connecting cable between the radiator and the charge air hose and then straight up the side of the structural member. M05-: Attach the connector located on the structural member. 19 Lower the car. Important Drill the hole immediately next to the square hole. F920A027 15 14 14 16,17

8. 8 12 788 902 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- User instructions  The extension cable must be made of oil-resistant rubber and approved for outdoor use with a cross- sectional area of at least 3x1.5 mm 2 .  The heater system may only be connected to a grounded socket.  Handle all cables with care. Pay particular atten- tion to the risk of pinching between the bonnet and the body of the car and the risk of cuts on sharp metal components.  Inspect regularly the extension cable for damage or ageing. Damaged cables must be renewed immediately. WARNING Check the ground connection between the con- necting cable ground pin, the heater casing and the car body regularly to prevent electric shocks. Note The function of the heater will be at risk if:  there are impurities in the coolant  the coolant level is too low or if there is air in the system  there is ice slush in the system  radiator sealant is used


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