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2. 2 47 86 455 Saab 9-3 The spoiler is already primed and therefore ready for painting. 1 Paint the spoiler in the body colour. See “Directions for painting pre-primed PP/EPDM- plastic“ in these installation instructions. 2 Place the car on a lift and raise it. 3 Remove the air shields. 4 Wash the bottom of the bumper to make it easier to locate the markings. The markings are in the form of small nipples. 5 Mask the painted section of the bumper above the markings with masking tape. 6 Cut out the 10 holes into which the spoiler’s plastic tabs are to be fitted as follows: a Locate the markings. b Place the point of the special knife, part no. (16) 82 93 227, midway between the markings with the flat side face up. c Cut out the top part of the hole by pressing in the special knife until the spike has left a mark. d Turn over the knife and place the point into the mark left by the spike. Cut out the bottom part of the hole. 7 Cut away about 1 cm of the rear edge of the bumper, see illustration, on both sides. Make sure the top is cut away completely. This is to make room for the spoiler. Important Take care! The special knife must be pressed horizontally and at right-angles to the bumper shell. 1cm D980A138 7 6b 6a

1. Saab 9-3 9-3 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTALLATIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 Front spoiler 1 Spoiler (1pc.) 2 Clip (10 pcs.) 3 Screw (2 pcs.) 4 Clip (2 pcs.) 5 Installation instructions Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 109 039 9:84-08 Nov 98 47 86 455 D980A137 1 4 3 2

3. 47 86 455 3 Saab 9-3 8 Lift the spoiler into position. 9 Measure up the right location for the screws by measuring on the spoiler at the screw mounting. 10 Make a hole at each location with an awl. 11 Fit the clips to the spoiler. Fit the screws from inside the wheel housing. 12 Fit the clips to the spoiler’s 10 plastic tabs. 13 Fit the air shields. 14 Remove the masking tape and lower the car. Directions for painting pre-primed PP/EPDM plastic • The spoiler must be positioned so that deformation is avoided while painting. • To avoid deformation of the spoiler, the temperature must not exceed +70°C (158°F). • The spoiler is pre-primed from the supplier. • Use clean gloves when handling the spoiler. D980A139 9 12 11 8


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