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2. 2 48 35 922 Saab 9-5 -M02 E970A003 >5mm X 12 5,8,9 2,10 3,11

1. Saab 9-5 -M02 9-5 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-5 -M02 Level control 1 Damper (x2) 2 Spring (x2) 3 Spacer ring (x2) 4 Dust boot (x2) 5 Lock nut (x2) 6 Washer (x2) 7 Bump stop (x2) 8 Washer (x2) 9 Rubber bush (x2) 10 Sleeve (x2) 11 Rubber bush (x2) Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 111 845 400 112 702 400 130 480 400 130 498 7:61-7 Sep 04 48 35 922 48 35 922 Feb 01 E970A002 3 6 1 7 4 5 9 8 2 11 10

3. 48 35 922 3 Saab 9-5 -M02 1 Raise the car and remove the rear wheels. 2 Remove the spring bracket lower retaining bolts and loosen the upper slightly. 3 Remove the damper lower retaining bolt. 4 Lift out the spring assembly with damper. 5 Undo the damper lock nut without removing it completely (grip the piston rod). 6 Press down the spring bracket to relieve the damper and remove the centre nut, washer and rubber bush. Use spring compressor 88 18 791 if necessary. 7 Assemble the washer (X) from the old damper together with the dust boot from the kit and place the spacer ring from the kit, the bump stop, the new spring, the dust boot, the rubber bushes, the spring upper spacer ring and the spring bracket onto the new damper. 8 Press down the spring bracket to relieve the damper and fit the rubber bush and the washer. Thread on the new lock nut (use the spring com- pressor if necessary). 9 Tighten the damper lock nut (grip the piston rod). Tightening torque 20 Nm (15 lbf ft) 10 Position the spring assembly, the spring bracket must be pushed upwards, and tighten the bolts. Tightening torque 55 Nm (41 lbf ft) 11 Align the lower mounting of the shock absorber on the rear axle. Insert the bolt. Raise the steer- ing swivel member using a pillar jack to approx- imately the same position as when the car is on its wheels. Tighten the bolt together with the washer in the kit. Tightening torque 190 Nm (141 lbf ft) 12 4D cars with dual cylinder caliper (fixed caliper): Make sure the distance between the spring and the brake pipe is at least 5 mm. If it is less, the brake pipe must carefully be bent away in the following manner until the distance is at least 5 mm: Wind fabric tape around the thick rounded blades of two screwdrivers and place one of them between the brake pipe and the longitudinal link for support while carefully bending the brake pipe away from the spring with the other. 13 Clean all dirt and rust from the contact surfaces of the wheel and brake disc. 14 Apply white, high-pressure grease paste (part no. 30 06 442) to the hub. 15 Aluminium wheels: Oil the bolt threads and the conical surface of the bolts. 16 Position the wheel, fit the bolts and tighten alter- nately by hand so the wheel is centred. 17 Tighten the bolts in sequence twice. Tightening torque: aluminium rim 110 Nm (81 lbf ft) pressed steel wheel 50 Nm +90° +90°, max. 110 Nm (37 lbf ft +90° +90°, max. 81 lbf ft). 18 Lower the car. Important Make sure the end of the spring fits into the recess in the spacer ring. Important Do not forget the protective washer on the rear lower bolt on the right-hand side. WARNING Do not damage the corrosion protection on the brake pipe. Important Make sure that no grease gets onto the contact surfaces of the wheel and brake disc. Important The wheel should be suspended freely during tightening. Note In order to avoid the bolts being tightened too hard when fitting pressed steel wheels the angle tightening must be carried out with a torque wrench set at 110 Nm (81 lbf ft). If the torque wrench indicates that 110 Nm (81 lbf ft) has been reached then the angle tightening must be stopped.


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