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2. 2 12 792 700 Saab 1 Frame section (x2) (front and rear) 2 Frame section (x2) (sides) 3 Rod (x9) 4 Wind deflector 5 Angle iron (x4) 6 Bolt (x8) 7 Corner, upper (x4) 8 Corner, lower (x4) 9 Bolt (x8) 10 Allen-head screw (x8) 11 Square nuts (x8) 12 Bracket (x4) (for fitting in T-track) 13 T-track bolt (x4) (for fitting in T-track) 14 Washer (x4) (for fitting in T-track) 15 Washer (x4) (for fitting in T-track) 16 Nut (x4) (for fitting in T-track) 17 Bracket (x4) (for fitting on square profile) 18 Knob screw (x4) (for fitting on square profile) 19 Allen key F980A135 18 15 17 11 12 10 16 13 14 19 9 8 5 1 7 2 4 3 6

4. 4 12 792 700 Saab 3 Fit together all frame sections with angle irons and screws. Begin by connecting the angle irons and the two loose frame sections (front and rear). Tightening torque: 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) 4 Assemble the mountings for fitting the load bas- ket with T-track (A) or square profile (B) using the Allen-head screws and square nuts. Insert the square nuts into the load basket grooves. 5 Fit the corners. F980A099 5 3 4A 4B

1. Saab 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab Load basket Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 791 392 400 132 304 9:89-13 Apr 04 12 792 700 (55 20 945) 12 792 700 Sep 02 F980A097

6. 6 12 792 700 Saab Fitting on square profile 1 Loosen the screws for the load basket mountings. 2 Fit the load basket onto the load carrier. 3 Adjust the load basket position longitudinally along the car so that the distances between the mountings and the load basket corners are equal both front and rear. Tighten the mounting screws. Tightening torque 6 Nm (4.5 lbf ft) 4 Tighten the knob screws once the load basket is centred on the roof. 5 Secure the load. These installation instructions must be carried in the car. Important The wind deflector should face forward. F980A101 4

5. 12 792 700 5 Saab Mounting in the T-groove Preparations before initial fitting Fit a T-track bolt together with the large, plastic- covered washer in the corresponding mounting for T-track assembly. Place a small washer and nut on the opposite side of the T-track mounting. Fitting 1 Pull out the load carrier end plugs and fold down the centre section. 2 Loosen the screws of the load basket brackets and slide the load basket in on the load carrier tracks. 3 Tighten the bracket screws. Tightening torque 6 Nm (4.5 lbf ft) 4 Tighten the nuts once the load basket is centred on the roof. Tightening torque 6 Nm (4.5 lbf ft) 5 Fold up the centre section of the load carrier end plugs and insert the end plugs. 6 Secure the load. These installation instructions must be carried in the car. Important The wind deflector should face forward. F980A100 2,3 1 4 2,3

3. 12 792 700 3 Saab Important · Do not fit or use the load basket until you have understood the installation instructions. · The load basket is designed for safe transport provided it is fitted correctly. Do not modify the product in any way . · Maximum permitted roof load (including load car- rier): See the Owner's Manual for the car and information relating to the load carriers. Load rack weight: 5.5 kg (12.1 lbs). · Note that the car's handling characteristics (dur- ing strong crosswinds, cornering or braking) are altered while driving with a loaded carrier. · For safety reasons and to reduce wind resist- ance, the carriers should be removed when not in use. · The load carrier should be removed before the car is taken through a car wash. · Saab Automobile AB is not responsible for dam- ages caused by incorrectly fitted load carriers or accessories. · If in doubt, contact your Saab dealer. · These installation instructions must be carried in the car. Advice and tips · Secure the load so that it cannot loosen or cause damage. Be sure to tie down the load so that it cannot move in any direction. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the load is properly secured. · Use proper equipment, such as straps with ten- sioners that lock securely. Do not use elastic bands or rope for any load heavier than a pair of skis. · Be sure to distribute the load weight equally on the carrier to provide the lowest possible centre of gravity. Place small, very heavy loads to one side, not in the centre, of the carrier during transport. · For reasons of traffic safety, the load should not extend over the sides of the car. · Long loads must be braced against or secured to the bumper or the towing eye both front and rear. If the load extends more than 1 m in the rear or at all in the front, it must be properly marked with warning flags or the like. · Before driving, check that all attaching equip- ment is secured and the load is tied down prop- erly. Stop after driving a short distance and check that the load is secure. · No modifications should be made to the carriers. WARNING Be sure to read all installation instructions before using the load basket. Only fit the load basket in accordance with these instructions, which should be kept in the car. Adapt the speed of the car to take into account the change in centre of gravity and aerodynamics caused by the weight and profile of the roof load.


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