Parking heater 9-3 D223


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5. 47 25 065 5 Saab 9-3 D223 14 Lower the car. Undo the battery cables, the bat- tery vent hose and remove the battery. 15 Detach the coolant hose from the holder on the engine block. 16 Remove the thin vacuum hose from the vacuum pump. 17 Detach the coolant hose and remove the coo- lant connection on the engine block. Clean the sealing surface on the engine block. D854A032 14 15 16 17

6. 6 47 25 065 Saab 9-3 D223 18 Apply acid-free vaseline, part no. 30 06 665 or equivalent, to the O-ring on the heater element. 19 Insert the heater element. Make sure the con- necting pipe is fitted at the same angle as the original hose connection. Also, make sure that the back stop does not pinch the electrical leads. Tighten the nuts securing the heater ele- ment. 20 Fit the coolant hose on the heater element and reattach the coolant hose to the holder on the engine block. 21 Reconnect the vacuum hose to the vacuum pump. D930A033 19 20

4. 4 47 25 065 Saab 9-3 D223 10 Raise the car. 11 Detach the hose and tighten the drain plug. 12 Place the receptacle in a suitable position and detach the coolant hose between the engine block and the heat exchanger. Drain the coolant and reconnect the hose. 13 Fit the lower engine cover. D930A031 11 13 12

2. 2 47 25 065 Saab 9-3 D223 1 Read the installation instructions completely and make sure all the parts are present in the kit. 2 Cover the wings with protective covers and remove the cap on the cooling system expan- sion tank. 3 Raise the car. Remove the lower engine cover. 4 Take out a receptacle for the coolant. Open the drain plug, attach a hose and drain the coolant. WARNING Be careful if the engine is warm, as the coolant may be hot. There is also a risk for burns on the exhaust manifold. D930A029 2 4 3

7. 47 25 065 7 Saab 9-3 D223 22 Run the connecting cable to the heater element as illustrated. 23 Apply acid-free vaseline, part no. 30 15 286 or equivalent, to the O-ring on the connecting cable and connecting the cable to the heater element. 24 Fit the lock clip over the connection. A click should be heard when the lock click is correctly fitted. 25 Secure the cable with cable ties. WARNING Make sure the cable is not lying against sharp edges or hot surfaces. Damage caused by chafing and melting can cause short circuits. D930A034 24 23 22

3. 47 25 065 3 Saab 9-3 D223 5 Lower the car to a suitable working height for fit- ting the socket on the bumper shell. 6 Remove the grille, the left-hand light cluster and the left-hand headlamp. 7 Mark where to cut out for the socket using the self-adhesive template. Place a ruler or a piece of tape above the openings in the bumper and measure out where the template is to be positio- ned, see illustration. 8 Carefully make a hole with a 30 mm hole saw. Remove any burrs around the hole and file a lock groove with a 4 mm round file. 9 Insert the socket expander sleeve and fit the socket. Run the connecting cable in front of the radiator so that it does not fasten on the tempe- rature sensor cable during fitting. Use the exten- sion cable to secure the socket. Turn clockwise until the socket is secure. 50mm D930A126 6 7 6 9

1. Saab 9-3 D223 900 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTALLATIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 D223 Parking heater 1 Extension cable 2 Socket and connecting cable 3 Expanding sleeve 4 Self-adhesive template 5 Screw 4.8x10, 1 pc. 6 Star washer, 1 pc. 7 Heater element 8 Lock clip 9 Cable tie, 5 pcs. Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 110 375 9:87-12 Jan 00 47 25 065 47 25 065 Nov 99 D930A124

8. 8 47 25 065 Saab 9-3 D223 2 6 Drill a 3.5 mm h ole in the pl a te b ehind t he left- h a nd h ea d la m p, see ill u stra t io n . 2 7 S cra p e o f f p aint to give a g o od gro u nd c o nn e c- tion a nd scr e w on t he g r o und le a d with t h e 4. 8 x 1 0 scr e w a nd s t ar washe r . S p ra y wi t h li g ht u n derseal, p art n o. 3 0 1 5 9 7 1 or e quiv a le n t. 2 8 Ch e ck the g r o und con n ecti o n bet w een t h e gro u nd pin in t h e s o cke t , t he h e ater elem e nt h o using and the c a r bo d y . 2 9 Fi t the b a tter y , conn e ct the b a ttery cables a n d att a ch the ba t tery ve n t h o s e . 3 0 Fill wi t h co o la n t a n d chec k the inte g rity o f t h e s y stem. 3 1 Ble e d t h e system as f o llows: Co n nec t th e exha u st h o se to t h e a uxiliary h ea- te r . S t a rt the en g i n e. S t a r t t he auxiliary h e ater wi t h the diag n ostic tool. (B o d y , SID, Read V al u es / Activ a te, P a rki n g h e ater). The a uxiliary hea t er st o p s w h en t h e e n gi n e t e mp e r a ture has re a ch e d 8 5 ° C or o n exi t ing the me n u f o r the a uxili a ry h e ate r . M a k e s u r e t h e r e is a c on t i n u o u s f l ow of c o o l a n t in t h e h ose f r o m t h e therm o st a t h ousi n g t o t h e ex p a n sion t ank. Run the en g ine un t i l the t herm o s t at op e ns. P e r- form s t ep 3 2 m e an w hile. T urn o f f the e ngine, caref u lly o p en the cap on the ex p a n sion v e ssel a n d t o p u p to M A X l e vel. Close t h e cap. 3 2 Fit t h e he a dlam p , light clust e r a n d grill e . Set t h e clock a n d radio co d e wh e re a p propriate. 3 3 Ch e ck t h e i n tegrity o f the sys t em a nd t h e fu n c- tion o f t h e h e ate r . 3 4 P lace t he installatio n instructi o ns in the car a n d inform the cust o mer of the user i n structions. Note AC/ACC m u st be OF F . D930A145 26,27

9. 47 25 065 9 Saab 9-3 D223 A Branch wiring kit User instructions • The extension lead must be a rubber cable, resistant to oil and approved for outdoor use with an area of at least 3x1.5 mm 2 . • The parking heater must be connected to a grounded outlet only. • Treat all cables with caution. Watch out for damage caused by jamming the cable between the hood (bonnet) and the car body, and for cuts caused by sharp metal objects. • Inspect the extension lead regularly for damage and ageing. A damaged lead must be replaced immediately. WARNING Check the ground connection between the ground pin in the socket, the heater element housing and the car body regularly. D930A036 A Note The function of the heater can be at risk if: • the coolant is polluted • the coolant level is too low or if there is air in the system • ice sludge is present in the system • radiator cement is used


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