Parking Heater Accessory 9-3 D223L


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10. 10 12 789 068 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- Wiring diagram I82 0.35 BN/OG I84 0.35 PK I80 0.35 OG/W H I81 0.35 OG/BU I58 0.35 GN/GY I31-58 0.35 BK I83 0.35 BK/YE VT/WH 0.75 RD 0.5 C30-200 RD/WH 0.5 0.5 OG VT/WH RD VT/WH 0.75 P54-3 RD 0.5 707 51 40 41 736 16 17 2 1 11 12 13 15 14 +30 4 22 35 +15 18 29 216 28 29 86 85 H27-1 15 504 17 32 0.5 E31-31 BK +30 19 342 F 18 1 2 G31 BK E31-55 1.5 BK E31-10 2.5 J108 BK/GN BK 0.5 E3 WH J9 6.0 L31-89 BK 4.0 4 G34S P31-63 H42-1 5 H10-3 710 WH E3 0.35 1.5 E30-55 RD WH E3 0.35 16 449 1 2 3 4 6 7 5 737 660 f e + ac bINFO PUSH CLEAR NIGHT PANEL TCS - d - g ESP CUSTOMIZE 87A 87 30 453 M 597 23 16 U U 14 13 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 12 M U 597a 597b 597c 597d 597e 597f + - M (ACC) (MCC) I-BUS 409a 323a (SOP) F3E17D 021217

2. 2 12 789 068 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 1 Engine coolant pump 2 Hose clip 3Screw 4Hose 5 Label (not shown in illustration) F920A031 4 1 2 3

4. 4 12 789 068 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 11 Remove the hose for the boost pressure regulator diaphragm box from the clip on the coolant hose. 12 Detach both coolant hoses from the connection to the cabin and unclip them from the bulkhead wall. 13 Bend the coolant hose connected to the engine out of the way. 14 Disconnect the coolant hose running between the heater and the cylinder head from its connec- tion on the cylinder head and unclip it from the fuel filter hose. 15 Remove the boost pressure regulator diaphragm and put it to one side. F920A033 14 12 15 15 11

7. 12 789 068 7 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 27 Connect the coolant hose to the cylinder head. 28 Connect the coolant hoses to the connection for the cabin and clip them to the bulkhead wall. 29 Fit the boost pressure regulator diaphragm box and clip its hose to the coolant hose. F920A036 27 28 29 29

6. 6 12 789 068 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 21 Connect the circulation pump coolant hose to the heater. 22 Fit the circulation pump to the heater with the screw included in the kit. 23 Remove the moisture protection from the connector and connect the circulation pump. 24 Connect the coolant hose to the heater. 25 Lower the heater into the engine bay and connect the fuel line. 26 Fit the heater to the mounting on the bulkhead wall. Important Take care not to deform the heater's intake hose. F920A035 24 23 21 26 25 22

3. 12 789 068 3 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 1 Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2 Undo the clamp on the heater accessory exhaust pipe at the heater. 3 Raise the car and remove the spoiler shield. Unplug the bumper connector and remove it from the holder on the spoiler shield. Cars with headlamp washers: Unhook the hose from the spoiler shield. 4 Place a receptacle under the engine, fit a hose to the radiator drain nipple, open the radiator drain plug and drain the coolant. 5 Remove the heater exhaust pipe. 6 Lower the car. 7 Remove the expansion tank cap. 8 Remove the engine cover. 9 Unplug the fuel filter connector, lift up the filter from its holder and place it to one side. 10 Unplug the heater connector. F920A032 7 9 2 8 5 10

1. Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 D223L M03- Parking Heater Accessory Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 787 160 9:87-37 Feb 03 12 789 068 12 789 068 Mar 02 F920A030

9. 12 789 068 9 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 45 Bleed the cooling system in the following way: Fill the cooling system to the MAX level. Close the expansion tank cap. Start the engine and run at varying engine speeds until the radiator fan cuts in. Carefully open the expansion tank cap and top up to the MAX level. Close the cap. Switch off the engine and if necessary top the coolant up to the MAX level. 46 Clean an area in the centre of the fuel filler flap hinge with benzine. Remove the label from the kit, adjust the size of the label if necessary and affix the label to the cleaned area. 47 Cars with headlamp washers: Check the function of the headlamp washers. 48 Connect the diagnostic tool, select car and model year, select “All”, select “Add/Remove”, select the accessory and then “Add”. 49 Start the heater by pressing the SIDC button “CUSTOMIZE”, select “Parking heater”, press “SET”, select “Manual control”, press “SET”, select “Heater on”, press “SET” and make sure the heater starts (it has a delay of about 1 minute). Select “Manual control”, press “SET”, select “Heater off”, press “SET” and check that the heater stops. Select “Back”, press “SET”, select “Finish” and press “SET”. 50 Check the coolant level and top up as necessary. Note The A/C or ACC should be turned OFF. Important Under no circumstances may this label conceal any part of another label or plate. Note The diagnostic tool will on some occasions need to retrieve a security code in TIS. Information on what to do will be displayed on the diagnostic tool display.

8. 8 12 789 068 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 30 Plug the connector into the heater. 31 Run the heater intake hose through the hole in the longitudinal member. 32 Fit the fuel filter and connect it. 33 Raise the car. 34 Position the heater exhaust system and fit it to the floor of the car. 35 Close the radiator drain plug and remove the hose. 36 Lift up the spoiler shield, fit the bumper connector into the holder and plug in the connector. Cars with headlamp washers: Hook the hose to the spoiler shield. All: Fit the spoiler shield. 37 Lower the car. 38 Connect the exhaust pipe to the heater. 39 Fill with coolant and check the system for leaks. Fit the expansion tank cap. 40 Connect the negative battery cable. 41 Mount the engine cover. 42 Adjust the time and date. 43 Synchronise remote control code by inserting the key into the ignition. 44 Activate window lift pinch protection function by operating the side windows up and down twice. An audible confirmation will sound when activa- tion is complete. Important Repeat this procedure with all keys. Otherwise, the remote controls will not function. F920A037 34 38 31 30 32 39

11. 12 789 068 11 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- List of components No. Name position Components 22 Main dashboard fuse box, on the short side of the instrument panel near the left-hand door 216 Control module, ACC, in the centre of the dashboard 323a Motor, fuel pump, parking heater, in the fuel tank 342 Electrical distribution unit, engine bay, next to the battery 409a Relay, parking heater, in the centre console on the dashboard support 453 Motor, pump, coolant circulation, on the parking heater 504 Control panel, heating&ventilation, in the centre of the dashboard 597 Parking Heater, in the engine bay on the right-hand side of the bulkhead partition 597a Control module, parking heater, in the parking heater 597b Motor, blower fan, parking heater, in the parking heater 597c Glow plug, parking heater, in the parking heater 597d Flame detector, parking heater, in the parking heater 597e Temperature sensor, parking heater, in the parking heater 597f Temperature sensor, parking heater, in the parking heater 707 Body Control Module, in the main dashboard fuse box 736 Control panel, infotainment, under the SID 737 Control panel, SID, on the dashboard next to the main instrument unit 10-pin connector H10-3 On a bracket near the tank strap on the front side of the fuel tank 27-pin connector H27-1 Near the MCC control module 42-pin connector H42-1 Black connector in front of the battery on the side of the left-hand structural member Crimp connections J9 Approx. 150 mm from branching point grounding point G31 towards LH headlamp J108 Approx. 50 mm from branching point grounding point G34P/S towards the right- hand front door Grounding points G31 In the engine bay on the side plate above the right-hand wheel housing G34S Near the floor below the right-hand A-pillar (green tape) No. Name position

5. 12 789 068 5 Saab 9-3 D223L M03- 16 Remove the heater from the mounting on the bulkhead wall. 17 Remove the fuel hose from the heater using special tool 83 95 261. 18 Lift out the heater and place it on a workbench. 19 Remove the coolant hose for the heat exchanger in the cabin. 20 Unscrew the connector bracket (the screw will not be used again). WARNING Removing the fuel hose involves work on the car's fuel system. The following points must therefore be observed in conjunction with these measures: · Provide good ventilation. If approved fuel fume extractors are available, then they should be used. · Wear protective gloves. Prolonged contact with petrol can cause skin irritation. · Keep a class BE fire extinguisher close to hand! Pay attention to the risks caused by sparks, e.g. in conjunction with breaking power circuits, short circuiting, etc. · Smoking is absolutely forbidden. · Use protective goggles. Important There is still coolant in the heater. Take care not to deform the heater's intake hose. F920A034 16 17 19 20


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