Radio installation kit 9-5


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2. 2 47 12 204 6DDE 1 Remove the cover panel on the dashboard. 2 Snip the cable tie securing the cable with connector and aerial cable. Pull the cables through the hole. 3 Connect the adapter assembly to the car’s wiring harness and wind anti-squeak tape round the connectors. 4 Connect the adapter assembly and aerial cable to the radio and secure the aerial cable to the adapter assembly with a cable tie as close as possible to the adapter assembly’s connection to the radio. 5 Unplug the adapter assembly and aerial cable from the radio and tighten the cable tie additionally. Cut off the cable tie. 6 Pass the cables (including the aerial cable) through the radio compartment (do not press the compartment into place). 7 Secure the adapter assembly as close as possible to its connection to the car’s wiring harness and round the upper part of the radio compartment at the rear. Pass a cable tie through the opening in the black connector where the adapter assembly’s grey connector is connected and round the upper part of the radio compartment at the rear. Tighten the cable tie and cut off the end. 8 Slide the radio compartment into the dashboard while checking the car’s wiring harness to make sure that it is not pinched or kinked. At the rear of the radio compartment is a locating stud which should fit into a cut-out in the heating and ventilation unit. 9 Fit the plastic frame on the radio. 10 Plug the connector and aerial cable into the radio. Slide the radio into the compartment while carefully pulling the adapter assembly up into the upper part of the radio compartment where the storage compartment is to be fitted. Make sure that the aerial cable is not pinched or kinked. The radio should be pushed in so far that its catches engage properly with the radio compartment. 11 Fit the storage compartment. 7RUHPRYHWKHUDGLR a Pull out the storage compartment. b Dismantle the radio using the tools supplied with it and extract it from the radio compartment, passing the adapter assembly down from the upper part of the radio compartment at the same time. c Carefully unplug the connectors from the radio. E367A014 3 1 2 11 7 9 4

1. 6DDE 9-5 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault 0217(5,1*6$19,61,1* ¬ ,167$//$7,21,16758&7,216 0217$*($1/(,781* ¬ ,167$//$7,216'(0217$*( SITdefault 6DDE 5DGLRLQVWDOODWLRQNLW 1 Radio compartment 2 Storage compartment 3 Adapter assembly 4Plastic frame 5 Fitting instructions 47 12 204 Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces   $XJ  -XQ E930A031 2 4 3 1


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