Rear spoiler 9-3 CV


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2. 2 12 832 497 Saab 9-3 CV M04- 1 Spoiler 2 Nut (x5) 3 Zinc tape (x5) 4Seal (x3) 5 Sealing strip 6 Template F980A274 1 3 4 5 6 2

5. 12 832 497 5 Saab 9-3 CV M04- 13 Fit the sealing strip inside the edge of the spoiler underside as follows: – Farthest out on each side. – Along the front edge of the spoiler between the outer bolts. – Along the rear edge of the spoiler between the outer bolts. 14 Fit the seals on the bolts. 15 Place the spoiler on the boot lid. 16 Hold the spoiler in place and carefully open the boot lid. 17 First secure the spoiler with the five nuts. Then carefully tighten the nuts a few turns at a time in the tightening order specified in the illustration (A, B, C, D, E) until the correct tightening torque has been reached. Tightening torque 4 Nm (3 lbf ft) F980A248 17E 17B 17A 17C 17D 13 14 14 14

1. Saab 9-3 CV M04- 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 CV M04- Rear spoiler Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 832 496 9:84-27 May 03 12 832 497 F980A245

3. 12 832 497 3 Saab 9-3 CV M04- The spoiler has been treated with grey primer in preparation for painting. 1 Paint the spoiler, see “Directions for painting preprimed ABS plastic” in these installation instructions. The spoiler can also be painted in the two colours of the body inside the groove and black paint outside the groove. 2 Open the boot lid. US: Remove the emergency opening handle. 3 Remove the closing handle on the inside of the boot lid, the two-stage rivets and the boot lid trim. 4 US: Remove the screw for the emergency open- ing mechanism and move the mechanism aside. F980A246 4 2 3 3

4. 4 12 832 497 Saab 9-3 CV M04- 5 Cut out the template sections and tape them together. Align the template sections using the lines. Cars with telephone antenna on the boot lid: Cut out an area around the telephone antenna so that the template can be positioned flat on the boot lid. 6 Fit the template onto the boot lid and on its front corners. Use tape to secure the template by the boot lid emblem as well as the front corners of the boot lid. Check that the distance between the hole markings on the template correspond with the location of the studs on the spoiler. 7 Lift up the template and fit pieces of tape where the holes are to be drilled (x5). 8 Refit the template and secure with tape. 9 Drill holes as marked. First drill using a 2 mm bit, then using a 5 mm bit and finally using a 7 mm bit. 10 Remove the template and tape. 11 Deburr the holes and remove loose drillings and flakes of paint. Clean with Teroson FL Cleaner. Apply Standox 1K Primer Filler. Apply finish paint. Apply Terotex HV 400 to internal surfaces. 12 Fit the pieces of zinc tape to the boot lid. Important Check the position of the template and adjust as necessary. Important Do not use a centre punch to mark the hole positions. Do not press the drill against the boot lid when drilling. F980A247 12 6 7

6. 6 12 832 497 Saab 9-3 CV M04- 18 US: Fit the emergency opening mechanism. 19 Fit the trim on the inside of the boot lid, the two- stage rivets and the closing handle. 20 US: Fit the emergency opening handle. 21 Close the boot lid. Advise the customer that there is a risk of crushing. WARNING As the spoiler protrudes over the sides of the boot lid, there is a risk of crushing between the spoiler and the rear wings. F980A249 19 19 20 18

7. 12 832 497 7 Saab 9-3 CV M04- Directions for painting preprimed ABS plastic • During the painting process the spoiler should be placed in such a way that it will not be deformed. • The temperature must not exceed +40°C (104°F). • The spoiler is preprimed as delivered from the supplier. • If the spoiler must be painted in two colours then the groove must be used when masking. • Clean gloves should be worn when handling the spoiler. Drying time 70 minutes at 40°C (104°F) Preparation • Sand the primed surfaces thoroughly. Use 3M 1200 or 800 abrasive paper.


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