Rear spoiler 900


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3. 44 81 511 3 6DDE0 1 Remove the screws securing the bottom of the side cover plates inside the tailgate. Bend out the cover plates to access the screws securing the trim on the inside of the tailgate. 2 Unscrew the door pull and remove the trim on the inside of the tailgate. D980A125 2 1 2 2

4. 4 44 81 511 6DDE0 &DUVZLWKUHDUZLSHU 3 Remove the wiper arm. 4 Unplug the wiper motor connector. 5 Remove the bolts securing the wiper motor. 6 Lift away the motor and retain the rubber grom- met. D980A126 5 5 3 5 4

1. 6DDE0 900 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault 0217(5,1*6$19,61,1* ¬ ,167$//$7,21,16758&7,216 0217$*($1/(,781* ¬ ,167$//$7,216'(0217$*( SITdefault 6DDE0 5HDUVSRLOHU 1 Spoiler 2 Cover 3 Zinc washer (2x) 4Bolt (2x) 5 Washer (2x) 6 Sealing washer (2x) 7 Drill template Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces   -DQ  -XO D980A146 1 2 3 7 4 5 6

5. 44 81 511 5 6DDE0 7 Cut out the template for the two lower holes (44 84 226). 8 Position the template as shown in the illustration on the template and mark out the position of the holes with a felt-tip pen. 9 Mark out the position of the holes with a centre punch. 10 Drill holes according to the marks. Use a ∅ 10 mm drill. 11 Rust proof the drill holes as follows: • Remove burrs in the holes and any loose cuttings or paint flakes with compressed air. • Apply primer. Use Standox 1K Fullprimer or equivalent. • Apply finishing paint. • Place the zinc washers over the holes on the outside of the tailgate. Enlarge the holes in the washers. 12 Clean the surfaces to be glued from dirt, dust and grease. 13 Use polyurethane adhesive, e.g. Gurrit-Essex Betalink 1K or equivalent. 14 Follow the directions on the pack for application, protection and environment carefully. 15 Apply adhesive to the outer edges of the spoiler as illustrated. 16 Put the sealing washers in place on the spoiler. 17 Position the spoiler on the tailgate. 18 Put the washers in place and tighten the screws securing the spoiler. 19 Secure the ends of the spoiler with adhesive tape. 20 Ensure a good fit on the tailgate by placing two five-kilogram weights on the ends of the spoiler or where the fit is inferior. 21 Remove excess adhesive with a spatula and suitable cleaning agent. 22 &DUVZLWKRXWUHDUZLSHU Press on the cover in the spoiler. 23 &DUVZLWKUHDUZLSHU Refit the rubber grom- met, wiper motor and wiper arm. 24 Refit the trim, door pull and side cover plates on the inside of the tailgate. D980A127 Ø 10 MM 18 22 20 19 20 11 16 15

2. 2 44 81 511 6DDE0 3UHSDUDWLRQV Paint the spoiler in the body colour. If the spoiler is to be fitted to a car without rear window wiper, the cover must also be painted. See “Directions for painting” below. 'LUHFWLRQVIRUSDLQWLQJ 'LUHFWLRQV IRU SDLQWLQJ SUHSULPHG 3855,0 SODVWLF • The spoiler must be placed where it will not be deformed while painting. • The temperature must not exceed +45°C. • The spoiler is pre-primed on delivery. • Use clean gloves when handling the spoiler. 'U\LQJWLPHV 70 minutes at +40°C. 3UHSDUDWLRQV • For best results, apply pore-filling primer. Use Glassurit Por Rapid Filler 285-100. • Smooth off the primed surface thoroughly. Use abrasive paper 3M 1200 or 800. &RPSRVLWLRQRISDLQWLQJV\VWHP 7H[WXUHGSDLQWLQJRIEODFNUHDUHGJH Spray the area with Coke Black topcoat, colour code 175. After drying, the black area should be marked precisely along the given marking line. 6ROLGILQLVKLQJSDLQW • Series 21 (uni) +20% Glassodur softener 521- 111. • Mix 2:1 with Glassodur hardener 929-73. • 10% Glassodur thinner 352-50. Apply by spraying two thin coats. 0HWDOOLFILQLVKLQJSDLQW • Series 54 (base metallic) +25% Glassodur thinner 352-50. Apply by spraying two thin coats. • MS-Top clear enamel 923-85. • Mix 2:1 with Glassodur hardener 929-73. • 10% Glassodur thinner 352-91. Apply by spraying two thin coats. ,PSRUWDQW The spoiler has been surface treated with black primer and is therefore ready for painting. It is to be glued to the tailgate. Note the following time limits. • Check the curing time for the adhesive on its packaging so that the work can be carried out with respect to this time. • The car must not be driven at speeds exceeding 120 km/h for the first 24 hours after fitting. • The car must not be washed for the first 48 hours after fitting.


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