Roof box 9-5


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4. 4 55 22 610 Saab 9-5 Preparation for fitting the roof box 1 Place the roof box on a work table or the like. 2 Open the roof box. If the gas springs are not fitted, press them onto the corresponding mounting ball. 3 Secure the retaining strap on one of the thread- ed ends on the stirrup. Place a plate on the stir- rup with the grooved side down and the edge with the holes towards the centre of the roof box. Fit the handwheels. 4 Fit the stirrups in the roof box grooves. The straps with clasps should be placed on the side used when loading. 5 Remove each roof rack foot from one side. Insert the square profile of the roof rack through the hole in the roof box and through the stirrups. 6 Fit each roof rack foot. 7 Close the roof box. E980A427 5 3

2. 2 55 22 610 Saab 9-5 1 Roof box 2 Stirrup (x4) 3 Plate (x4) 4 Handwheel (x8) 5 Strap with clasp (x2) Strap without clasp (x2) E980A426 1 5 4 3 2

1. Saab 9-5 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-5 Roof box Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 132 759 9:89-19 Sep 02 55 22 610 E980A425

5. 55 22 610 5 Saab 9-5 Fitting the roof box 1 Fit the roof box and roof rack to the car. Adjust the box so that it is centred on the roof racks and lies parallel to the car roof. 5D: Tighten the roof racks. 2 Open the roof box. If the gas springs are not fitted, press them onto the corresponding mounting ball. 3 Tighten the stirrups with the handwheels and check that the roof box is properly secured. Tighten the wheels more if necessary. 4 Close and lock the roof box. Removing the roof box Remove the roof racks and the roof box from the car and put the roof box to the side. If the roof box shall not be used for a prolonged peri- od of time, the gas springs should be removed from their lower mountings by using a screwdriver to loosen the clip and then lifting it off the mounting ball. Always store the roof box horizontally on a flat surface or in a box lift. Important 5D: Position the roof box in such a way that it does not hinder tailgate opening. The roof box should be positioned in front of the roof antenna. Important Do not use any tools to tighten the handwheels.

3. 55 22 610 3 Saab 9-5 Important  After fitting, do not use the roof box before you have understood the contents of the installation instructions.  The roof box is constructed for safe transport provided that it has been properly mounted. Product modifications must not be made .  The maximum permissible roof load is 100 kg including the roof rack weight of 5 kg and the roof box weight of 29 kg. See also the vehicle Own- er's Manual.  Load weight should be evenly distributed inside the roof box. Place heavy objects in the centre of the roof box.  Note that the car's handling characteristics (under high side-winds, cornering or braking) will change while driving with a roof box. This is especially important when the roof box is loaded.  No additional load should be placed on the roof box.  For safety reasons and to reduce wind resist- ance, the roof box should be removed when not in use.  Remove the roof box before washing the car in an automatic car wash.  Saab Automobile AB is not responsible for dam- ages caused by improperly mounted roof racks or roof box.  If in doubt, contact your Saab dealer.  These installation instructions must be carried in the car. Advice and tips  The height of the car is altered, exercise caution when entering a garage, gate or driving near low- hanging tree branches.  Secure the load so that it cannot loosen or cause damage. Be sure to tie down the load so that it cannot move in any direction. The driver is responsible for ensuring that the load is properly secured.  Make sure all fasteners are secured before driv- ing off. Stop after a short distance and check all the fasteners.  Interrupt your journey from time to time to check that all fasteners and the contents of the box are properly secured. Care instructions  The roof box must be cleaned and cared for, especially during the winter when dirt and salt must be removed.  The roof box should be cleaned after each use in order to preserve shine and lustre. Use regular car shampoo or similar products followed by a car or boat wax treatment.  The gas springs should be removed from their lower mountings if the roof box will not be used for prolonged periods.  Always store the roof box horizontally on a flat surface or in a box lift. WARNING Read the installation instructions carefully before using the roof box. Carefully follow these instruc- tions when fitting the roof box and keep them in the car for future reference. Adapt the speed of the car to take into account the change in centre of gravity and aerodynamics caused by the weight and profile of the roof load.


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