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2. 2 12 792 696 Saab 1 Ski/snowboard carrier (2) 2 Keys (2) 3 Bolt (2) (used for mounting in “high position”) 4 Nut plate (4) (used for mounting in T-groove) F980A075 2 4 3 1

1. Saab 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab Ski/snowboard carrier Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 788 490 12 791 388 400 1 10 912 9:89-09 Dec 06 12 792 696 (55 20 820) 12 792 696 Apr 0 4 F980A074

4. 4 12 792 696 Saab Mounting in the T-groove 1 Pull out the load carrier end plugs and fold down the centre section. 2 Unlock the carriers and open them. 3 Remove the locking devices (4). 4 Remove the bolts and spacers from the locking devices. Place them to the side. 5 Fit a bolt, spacer and a nut plate in each attach- ment point. 6 Insert the ski/snowboard holders into the load carrier grooves. Tighten the bolts when the ski/ snowboards are properly positioned. 7 Close and lock the ski/snowboard holders. 8 Fold up the centre section of the load carrier end plugs and insert the end plugs. These installation instructions should be stored in the car. Important The spacers have grooves which should be aligned with the ski/snowboard holders. They are also marked “THIS SIDE UP”. F980A076 4 3 4 1 2 5 7 5 6 6

5. 12 792 696 5 Saab Mounting on square bars, normal position (A) 1 Unlock the carriers and open them. 2 Make sure the spacers in the locking devices are in their uppermost position, see illustration. 3 Fold down the movable parts of the locking devices and place the carriers on the roof bars. It may be necessary to press apart the locking device slightly with your thumb to make it easier to fold down the movable part. 4 Fold the movable part around the roof bar. Make sure the tab fits into the slot. 5 Tighten the carriers. These installation instructions should be stored in the car. Fitting on square bars, high position (B) 1 Unlock the carriers and open them. 2 Remove the locking devices (4). 3 Remove the spacers and use the shorter bolt on the locking device which is located nearest the lock. 4 Place the locking devices in the carriers. 5 Place the spacers on the underside of the ski/ snowboard holders. The spacers are marked “THIS SIDE UP”. Make sure the locking devices are pressed completely into the holders and that the spacers make contact with the underside of the holders. 6 Place the carriers on the roof bars and fold the movable part round the roof bar. Make sure the tab fits into the slot. 7 Check that the bolts are positioned as shown in the illustration and tighten the holders. These installation instructions should be stored in the car. F980A086 4 4 5 35 mm 20 mm 1 2 3 3 3 2 3 4 B A 7 7 35 mm 20 mm 6 5 5

3. 12 792 696 3 Saab Important · Do not fit or use the carriers until these installa- tion instructions are fully understood. · The carriers are constructed for safe transport provided that they have been properly mounted. Product modifications must not be made . · Maximum permitted roof load (including load car- rier): See the Owner's Manual for the car and information relating to the load carriers. Ski/snowboard carrier weight: 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs) (4 pairs of skis) and 3.2 kg (7.0 lbs) (6 pairs of skis). · Note that the car's handling characteristics (dur- ing strong crosswinds, cornering or braking) are altered while driving with a loaded carrier. · For safety reasons and to reduce wind resist- ance, the carriers should be removed when not in use. · The load carrier should be removed before the car is taken through an automatic car wash. · Saab Automobile AB is not responsible for dam- ages caused by improperly mounted load carri- ers or accessories. · When in doubt, contact your Saab dealer. · These installation instructions should be stored in the car. Advice and tips · No modifications should be made to the carriers. · Be sure to distribute the load weight equally on the carriers. Pairs of skis should be placed side by side with the tips facing backwards. The best snowboard position can vary according to car model. · Check that the distance between the load and car roof is always at least 10 mm (0.4 in). Mount- ing of square load carriers can occur in “high position”. · The carriers have two locking positions. The first (upper) is used if the skis/snowboards have var- ied thickness. Place thinner skis/snowboards on the hinge side and thicker skis/snowboards on the lock side. Otherwise, use the other (lower) locking position. · The carriers may only be used for transporting skis and snowboards. · Make sure all fasteners are secured before driv- ing off. Stop after a short distance and check all the fasteners. · Conduct regular maintenance on the carriers, including keeping them free from dirt and salt and lubricating the locks. WARNING Read the installation instructions carefully before using the ski/snowboard carrier. Carefully follow these instructions when fitting the ski/snowboard carrier and keep them in the car for future refer- ence. Adapt the speed of the car to take into account the change in centre of gravity and aerodynamics caused by the weight and profile of the roof load.


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