Stone chip protector for hood (bonnet) 900, 9-3


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3. 86 78 328 3 Saab 900 M94-, Saab 9-3 Fitting side sections 1Affixtheprotectorabovethelampclusters. Make sure the sections are aligned where they meet. 2 Make sure there is good adhesion along all the edges. Fold in the protector around the edge of the panel. Use a hot-air fan! 3 Refit the lamp clusters. D980A083 150mm

1. 86 78 328 1 Saab 900 M94-, Saab 9-3 900 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTALLATIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 900 M94-, Saab 9-3 Stone chip protector for hood (bonnet) Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 100 483 8:20-2 Sep 98 86 78 328 75 01 41 Mar 93 D980A081

2. 2 8678328 Saab 900 M94-, Saab 9-3 Preparations 1 Do not fit when temperatures are below +15°C. This applies to the air temperature as well as the temperature of the working surfaces. 2 Undo the lamp clusters. 3 Clean the surfaces thoroughly (even under the front edge of the hood/bonnet) to remove dust, oil, car polish, etc. using a lint-free cloth moistenedwithmethylatedspirits.Wipewitha dry rag. Fitting centre section 1 Mark out the centre line with a piece of adhesive tape on the grill. 2 Position the centre cut-out in the protector in line with the centre line mark. 3 Affix the protector with masking tape along the front of the hood (bonnet). 4 Make sure the protector is positioned in a smooth line. 5 Affix some pieces of adhesive tape along the top edge of the protector to be used as a reference when fitting. 6 Fold up one half of the protector and peel off the backing paper. 7 Cut off the backing paper in the centre. 8 Position the protector and press down with a plastic scraper. 9 Trim away any excess tape at the ends (leave approx. 5 mm). 10 Fold in the end of the protector around the front of the hood (bonnet). Use a hot-air fan! Make sure there is good adhesion along the edges. 11 Affix the other end of the protector in the same way. D980A082 29mm


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