Towbar, fixed 9-5 4D


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1. Saab 9-5 4D 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-5 4D Towbar, fixed Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 130 308 400 130 316 8:60-39 Apr 01 86 98 060 E980A311

4. 4 86 98 060 Saab 9-5 4D 6 M02-: Cut out the bumper shell supports on both sides as in the illustration. 7 M02-: Use a universal knife with hooked-formed blade to cut a spot in the bumper shell for the towing hook following the marked area (a key- hole saw can be used). 8 Remove the spacer washers from the bumper rail and fit the reinforcements in their place. The reinforcements are marked for placement on the right-hand (R) and left-hand (L) sides. 9 Tighten the four retaining nuts of the bumper to secure the reinforcements. 10 Use protective goggles and drill the four holes in the bumper rail with a 6.5 mm bit. Clean away the drilling debris from the bumper rail. 11 Fit the taptite bolts (self-tapping). Tightening torque 25 Nm (20 lbf ft). 12 Remove the nuts and fit in the bumper shell sup- ports. Important Cut or saw as accurately as possible. Appearance is very important. Use a file to adjust as needed. E980A314 11 11 7 6 9 10 6.5mm M02-

5. 86 98 060 5 Saab 9-5 4D 13 -M01: Scrape away sealant from where the bumper reinforcements will lie against the body. 14 Fit the bumper and secure it to the body with the two upper nuts. 15 Detach the cable harness fixing at the bumper brackets in the boot and fit the females in the holes in the boot. 16 Use protective goggles and a 10 mm bit to drill parallel with the boot floor through the females, the holes in the rear end panel and the reinforce- ments. 17 Remove the bumper and clean all debris from the boot. 18 Deburr the holes and remove loose splinters and flakes of paint. 19 Fit the seals on the body (self-adhering) and apply cavity seal Terotex HV 400 (part no. 30 15 930) on internal surfaces. -M01: Apply corrosion protection to the surfaces from which body sealant was scraped away. 20 Fit the selected cable harness following the instructions in the cable harness kit. Important Be careful not to damage the car's cable harness. 16 10 mm E980A315 19 19 15

3. 86 98 060 3 Saab 9-5 4D 1 Remove the sill protection from the boot. 2 Remove the left and right side upholstery in the boot and the foam pads (2 on each side) from the rear edge of the body. 3 -M01: Detach the bumper by removing the bolts at the wheel housing and the nuts from the boot. M02-: Detach the bumper by removing the bolts at the wheel housing and the nuts from the boot and pulling the side section of the bumper out- wards. Cars with SPA: Detach the connector. 4 -M01: Remove the corner filler panels under the rear lamp clusters. 5 Remove the jack and towing eyes and fit the rubber plug. Important Place the bumper on a clean, soft surface. 5 3 -M01 M02- 3 4 E980A313

6. 6 86 98 060 Saab 9-5 4D 21 Remove the bolt fitted in one of the holes in the bumper rail and fit the towing bracket to the bumper. Check that the line above the upper bolts of the towing bracket is parallel to the bumper rail. If the towing bracket meets the bumper shell, adjust the cutout with a file. Tightening torque 40 Nm (30 lbf ft). 22 Fit the bumper. Cars with SPA: Attach the connector. 23 -M01: Fit the bumper to the car with four nuts. M02-: Fit the bumper to the car with four nuts, fit- ting washers (A) under the top nuts. Tightening torque 40 Nm (30 lbf ft). Fit the bolts at the wheel housings. 24 Fit the bolts and nut plates that hold the towing bracket on the body. Tightening torque 40 Nm (30 lbf ft). X Eye for attachment of caravan/trailer safety chain. E980A316 21 A 21 X 24 23

7. 86 98 060 7 Saab 9-5 4D 25 M02-: Loosen the corners of the bumper mould- ing and remove the centre section. 26 -M01: Secure the reinforcements to the car. M02-: Secure the reinforcements to the car through the holes in the bumper shell. Use a 3/8” extender with ball. Tightening torque 40 Nm (30 lbf ft). 27 Fit the centre section of the bumper moulding and then the corners. 28 -M01: Fit the corner filler panels. Tightening torque 5 Nm (3.7 lbf ft). 29 Fix the cable harness at the bumper brackets. 30 Fit the jack into the tool compartment, fit the foam pads over the bumper brackets in the boot and fit the right and left side upholstery in the boot. 31 Fit the sill protection in the boot. 32 Place the installation instructions inside the car. E980A317 28 25 25 25 26 26 M02-

2. 2 86 98 060 Saab 9-5 4D 1 Towing bracket 2 Reinforcement (2) 3Seal (2) 4 Rubber plug 5 Bolt, taptite (4) 6 Bolt M10X30 (7) 7 Bolt M10X50 (2) 8 Nut (x4) 9 Sleeve (x2) 10 Nut plate (2) 11 Washer (x2) 400 130 308 (Saab part number 86 96 437) for cars without level control . 400 130 316 (Saab part number 86 96 445) for cars with level control . The towing bracket fulfils the requirements of 94/20/EEC. Greatest permissible trailer weight: Trailer with brakes: 1800 kg Trailer without brakes: 50% of the towing vehicle's weight (vehicle in running order), but no more than 750 kg (1650 lbs). Max. permissible towball pressure: 75 kg Assembly weight: 8.2 kg The towing bracket cable harness must be fitted and connected following the instructions that accompa- ny the cable harness. E980A312 3 2 4 6 6 1 8 7 10 5 11 9 Note Always check which national legal requirements and regulations apply to fitting towing brackets. Ensure that they are fulfilled. Important The car must be inspected after the towing brack- et is mounted. Show these instructions at the inspection.


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