Tuning kit 9-5 B205E 6


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2. 2 51 74 263 Saab 9-5 B205E 1 Remove the covers over the nuts on the wiper spindles and loosen the nuts slightly. 2 Loosen the wiper arms with puller 85 80 144. Remove the nuts and wiper arms. 3 Remove the rubber wiper spindle seals. 4 Remove the two screw clips on the ends of the windscreen cover. 5 Loosen the rubber seal. 6 Remove the windscreen cover by gripping the front edge and lifting upwards/forwards. Pay attention to the hood (bonnet) release wire on the left-hand side. 7 Undo the 4 nuts securing the control module cover. 8 Tilt up the cover and unplug the control module connector by lifting up the catch on the right- hand side. 9 Undo the 2 control module retaining nuts. A 10 mm magnetic socket can be used. 10 Lift the control module straight up. 4 3 5 2 1 6 9 10 8 7 9 E920A602

3. 51 74 263 3 Saab 9-5 B205E 11 Position the new control module. 12 Tighten the 2 control module retaining nuts. 13 Spray the control module multi-connector with Kontakt 61 (part no. 30 21 763), plug it in and secure it with the catch. 14 Fit the cover and tighten the 4 securing nuts. 15 Position the windscreen cover. Pay attention to the hood (bonnet) release wire on the left-hand side. 16 Fit the rubber seal. 17 Fit the two screw clips on the ends of the winds- creen cover. 18 Refit the rubber wiper spindle seals. 19 Fit the wiper arms, adjust their parking position to the dot marks on the windscreen and tighten the nuts. 20 Refit the covers over the nuts on the wiper spindles. 17 16 19 12 11 13 12 14 18 15 E920A603

7. 51 74 263 7 Saab 9-5 B205E 49 Fit the turbo pressure pipe. 50 Position the accelerator cable with holder and fit the accelerator cable to the throttle spindle. Fit the cover over throttle disc. 51 Adjust the accelerator cable. 52 Fit the oil dipstick and filler pipe end. 53 Attach the hose for the crankcase ventilation. 54 Replace fuel pump fuse no. 19. 55 Remove the emblem from the engine cover and fit the new one. Refit the cover. E920A015 52 50 49 55 53

5. 51 74 263 5 Saab 9-5 B205E 28 Loosen the upper and front screws on the cable holder and undo the rear screw completely. 29 Lift up the cable holder and fold it backwards. 30 Unplug the following connectors: ignition discharge module, injectors, absolute intake pressure sensor, mass air flow sensor and turbo pressure sensor. 31 Undo the cables and bend to one side. 2 clips on the rail and 6 on the crankcase ventilation pipe. 32 Separate the fuel lines. Use separating tool 83 95 261. 33 Blow clean around the injectors with compres- sed air. 34 Undo the 2 fuel rail retaining screws. 35 Detach the pressure regulator vacuum hose. 36 Carefully prise off the fuel rail using 2 crowbars or similar. 37 Carefully lift up the fuel rail and move it away. 38 Plug the nozzle holes in the cylinder head. 39 Pull loose the injector fastening clips. Remove the injectors. WARNING There will be fuel left in the fuel lines. E920A013 29 31 36,37 34 35 39 30 28 WARNING There is fuel left in the fuel rail.

6. 6 51 74 263 Saab 9-5 B205E 40 Fit the new injectors. Press home the injector fastening clips. 41 Remove the plugs from the nozzle holes in the cylinder head. 42 Carefully position the fuel rail. 43 Tighten the 2 fuel rail retaining screws. 44 Attach the pressure regulator vacuum hose. 45 Connect the fuel lines. 46 Lay the cables and secure with 2 clips on the fuel rail and 6 clips on the crankcase ventilation pipe. 47 Connect the injectors, absolute intake pressure sensor, mass air flow sensor and turbo pressure sensor. 48 Position the cable holder and tighten the retain- ing screws. Important Lubricate the injector O-rings with acid-free petro- leum jelly before fitting and ensure that the injec- tors are pressed home so that they bottom in the fuel rail. Important Spray all connectors with Kontakt 61, part no. 30 04 520, before fitting. Make sure that each connector is plugged to the correct injector. the cables are marked. E920A014 48 46 42 43 44 40 47 48

1. Saab 9-5 B205E 9-5 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTALLATIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-5 B205E Tuning kit Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 400 127 296 9:29-02 Jan 00 51 74 263 51 74 263 Jul 99 1 Spark plugs (4 pcs.) 2 Control module 3 Injector (4 pcs.) 4Emblem E920A011 2 4 3 1

8. 8 51 74 263 Saab 9-5 B205E 56 Remove the 4 ignition discharge module retain- ing screws. 57 Remove the spark plugs. 58 Check the new spark plug gaps. They should be 1.0-1.1 mm. 59 Apply Molykote 1000 (part no. 30 20 271) or equivalent to the threads on the new spark plugs and fit them the plugs. Tightening torque 27 Nm (20 lbf ft). 60 Lubricate the rubber seals on the ignition discharge module spark plug connections with Krytox (part no. 30 19 312) and fit the module. Tightening torque 11 Nm (8 lbf ft). 61 Plug in the ignition discharge module connector. 62 Program the control module to the TWICE con- trol module and main instrument unit by connec- ting the diagnostic tool, select TWICE and the “Immobilizer” menu and then select “Program- ming”. 63 Cut out the text concerning spark plugs along the marks and affix it to page 2 in the service book. If there is already text on page 2, affix it to page 3. 64 Hand over the installation instructions to the customer together with “TUNING KIT CERTIFI- CATE FOR SAAB 9-5”. Important There may be trouble codes present in the engine management system after programming. Clear them. 1.0mm E920A016 57,59 56,60 61 58 Important The service interval for changing spark plugs is changed to 20 000 km.

4. 4 51 74 263 Saab 9-5 B205E 21 Remove the engine cover by undoing one snap fastener at a time, starting at the oil filler. 22 Remove fuel pump fuse no. 19 while the engine is running. Turn off the ignition once the engine has stopped. 23 Detach the hose for the crankcase ventilation. 24 Remove the oil dipstick with filler pipe end and plug the pipe. 25 Remove the cover over the throttle disc. Detach the accelerator cable from the throttle spindle. Remove the accelerator cable and holder and put to one side. 26 Loosen the turbo pressure pipe retaining screw on the cylinder head. 27 Remove the turbo pressure pipe. WARNING Removing the fuel rail involves dismantling the car’s fuel system. Therefore, the following points must be observed in connection with these mea- sures: • Provide good ventilation! Use approved extrac- tors for removing fuel fumes if they are availa- ble. • Use protective gloves! Prolonged contact with fuel can cause skin irritation. • Keep a class BE fire extinguisher close at hand! Observe the risk of sparks, e.g. in con- nection with breaking electrical circuits, short circuits, etc. • Smoking is absolutely forbidden. • Use protective goggles. Important Utmost cleanliness must be observed when wor- king with the fuel rail and injectors. Wash the injec- tors, fuel rail and intake manifold and blow clean with compressed air. E920A012 24 25 26 23


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