Water valve 9-5


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2. 2 48 69 509 6DDE 1 Remove the engine cover. 2 Drape protective covers over the wings and remove the expansion tank filler cap. 3 Raise the car. Obtain a receptacle for the coolant. Open the drain plug, connect a hose and drain off the coolant. 4 Refit the drain plug and lower the car to the floor. :$51,1* Take care if the engine is hot. The coolant will also be hot. You could get burnt if you brush against the exhaust manifold. E980A618 1

3. 48 69 509 3 6DDE 5 Remove the cover and separate the engine wir- ing harness connector. Loosen the bracket hold- ing the connector and bend it aside. 6 Snip the cable tie and remove the coolant hoses between the heat exchanger and engine. Trans- fer the hose clips to the new hoses on the water valve. 7 Snip the cable tie securing the water valve’s 2- pin connector to the bulkhead wall. Remove the protective cover from the connector. 8 Plug in the water valve’s connector. 9 Position the water valve and connect it to the heat exchanger pipes and the engine. 1RWH A little soap solution will make it easier to fit the hoses. 5 E980A619 6 7 7 5

4. 4 48 69 509 6DDE 10 Fasten a cable tie round the hoses and wiring harness on the bulkhead wall to secure the water valve. 11 Sever the vacuum hose about 100 mm from the vacuum intake on the intake manifold and fit both ends of the hose to the T piece. Connect the vacuum hose from the water valve to the T piece. 12 Fix the water valve hose to the radiator hose with a cable tie. 13 Refit the bracket and plug in the connector halves. Refit the cover. 14 Fill up with coolant and check the system for leaks. 15 Bleed the system as follows: Fill the system up to the MAX level, close the expansion tank cap. Run the engine at varying throttle openings until the radiator fan has started three times. Stop the engine and top up as necessary to the MAX level. 16 Refit the engine cover. ,PSRUWDQW Make sure that no hoses rest against any moving parts. 11 10 E980A620 100 m.m. 1RWH The A/C should be OFF.

1. 6DDE 9-5 Monteringsanvisning SCdefault 0217(5,1*6$19,61,1* ¬ ,167$//$7,21,16758&7,216 0217$*($1/(,781* ¬ ,167$//$7,216'(0217$*( SITdefault 6DDE :DWHUYDOYH 1 Water valve, complete 2 Cable tie (2) 3 T piece Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces   $XJ  1 2 3 E980A621


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