Wiring harness, spotlights 9-3


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6. 6 12 788 440 Saab 9-3 4D M03- Wiring diagram BN/OG 0.35 I82 OG/BU 0.35 I81 736 16 17 2 1 11 12 13 15 14 YE 2.5 L200-1 YE/GN 1.5 L100-1 YE 2.5 L201 L31 2.5 BK G30A BK 2.5 L231 BK 2.5 L231-1 J173 GN/GY 0.35 I58 BK 0.35 I31-58 PK 0.35 I84 OG/W H 0.35 I80 BK/YE 0.35 I83 J172 676LH 676RH YE 2.5 L200 (R5) +30 675 342 24 35 711 3 16 449 1 2 3 4 6 7 5 737 660 f e + a c b INFO PUSH CLEAR NIGHT PANEL TCS - d - g ESP CUSTOMIZE 85 86 87 30 I-BUS F3L01EXT 021217

2. 2 12 788 440 Saab 9-3 4D M03- 1 Wiring harness 2 Cable tie (x6) 3 Relay 4 Fuse 15A F930A001 3 4 2 1

7. 12 788 440 7 Saab 9-3 4D M03- List of components No. Name position Components 342 Electrical distribution unit, engine bay, next to the battery 675 Relay, spotlights, In the engine bay electrical distribution unit 676LH Lamp, spotlight, left, in front of the grille 676RH Lamp, spotlight, right, in front of the grille 711 Connector, accessories, in the engine bay near the left suspension strut housing 736 Control panel, infotainment, under the SID 737 Control panel, SID, on the dashboard next to the main instrument unit Crimp connections J172 Approx. 400 mm from branching point grounding point G30A towards the spot- lights J173 Approx. 350 mm from branching point grounding point G30A towards the spotlights Grounding points G30A Front grounding point on the side plate above the left wheel housing

1. Saab 9-3 4D M03- 900 Installation instructions SCdefault MONTERINGSANVISNING · INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS MONTAGEANLEITUNG · INSTRUCTIONS DE MONTAGE SITdefault Saab 9-3 4D M03- Wiring harness, spotlights Accessories Part No. Group Date Instruction Part No. Replaces 12 787 159 9:37-04 Apr 04 12 788 440 12 788 440 Feb 03 F930A041

3. 12 788 440 3 Saab 9-3 4D M03- 1 Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2 Remove the bumper shell clip from the upper radiator member. 3 Raise the car. 4 Remove the bumper bolt in the wheel housing. 5 Remove the spoiler shield. 6 Unplug the bumper connector and remove it from the holder on the spoiler shield. Cars with headlamp washers: Unhook the hose from the spoiler shield. 7 Pull out the bumper shell side pieces and remove the bumper. Cars with headlamp washers: Detach the hose from the branching piece and plug the hose with an 8.5 mm drill. 8 Remove the left-hand headlamp. F930A002 5 6 4 4 2 2 8 8 8

4. 4 12 788 440 Saab 9-3 4D M03- 9 Connect the ground cable to the front grounding point (G30A) in the engine bay main fuse box. 10 Locate the “Pre Acc” outlet between the engine bay main fuse box and the front wing and remove any adhesive tape or dummy connector. 11 Connect the wiring harness to the four pole “Pre Acc” outlet. 12 Run the wiring harness through the hole for the headlamp and along the wiring harness towards the horn. Secure the spotlight wiring harness at the same fixing points as the horn wiring harness (5 off). Note If the four pole “Pre Acc” outlet is already used, connect into the existing connector as follows – Unplug “Pre Acc” – Remove the seal from the connector for the spotlight wiring harness and extract the lead. – Insert the cable into the connector that was plugged into “Pre Acc”, position 3. – Plug in the connector to “Pre Acc”. Important The spotlight wiring harness must be placed adja- cent to the horn wiring harness in the hole for the headlamp. F930A003 12 12 12 11 9

5. 12 788 440 5 Saab 9-3 4D M03- 13 Connect and fit the headlamp. 14 Lift up the bumper. Cars with headlamp washers: Connect the headlamp washer hose to the branching piece. All: Position the bumper while inserting the spotlight wiring harness through the centre grille section. The wiring harness should protrude 150 mm from the grille. Press back the shell so that it fastens to the holder mounting. 15 Mount the clips on the upper radiator member. 16 Raise the car and fit the bumper bolts into the wheel housing. 17 Lift up the spoiler shield, fit the bumper connector into the holder and plug in the connector. Cars with headlamp washers: Hook the hose to the spoiler shield. All: Fit the spoiler shield. 18 Lower the car and check the fit of the bumper. 19 Fit the relay into the engine bay main fuse box, position R5. 20 Fit the fuse into the engine bay main fuse box, position F24. 21 Connect the negative battery cable. 22 Adjust the time and date. 23 Synchronise remote control code by inserting the key into the ignition. 24 Activate window lift pinch protection function by operating the side windows up and down twice. An audible confirmation will sound when activa- tion is complete. 25 Check the voltage to the spotlight connections. To activate the spotlights, the button on the dashboard marked “-” must be pressed. 26 Cars with headlamp washers: Check the func- tion of the headlamp washers. 27 Connect the diagnostic tool, select car and model year, select “All”, select “Add/Remove”, select the accessory and then “Add”. WARNING Check that the wiring harness is not pinched. Incorrect fitting can damage the wiring harness and cause a short-circuit/fire. 24 33 34 5 F930A004 17 14 20 19 17 15 15 13 16 16 150mm Important Repeat this procedure with all keys. Otherwise, the remote controls will not function. Note The diagnostic tool will on some occasions need to retrieve a security code in TIS. Information on what to do will be displayed on the diagnostic tool display.


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